2011 Consumer Action Handbook by Martha Johnson, GSA Administrator

By Martha Johnson, GSA Administrator

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Getting a second opinion can help prevent costly mistakes and enable you to make better decisions. Think twice before you rent-to-own. Interest rates on rent-to-own purchases can be very high. If you miss a payment, you could end up with nothing. Consider buying secondhand at a thrift shop or through ads in your local newspaper. Be cautious of Buy Here, Pay Here lots. If you decide to buy a car from a used car lot, be sure to read all of the papers before you sign. Don舗t sign contracts that allow the dealership to change the finance rate AFTER you leave the lot.

Com for a fee. com. Tips for Building a Better Credit Score Pay your bills on time. Delinquent payments and collections negatively impact your score. 舡 High outstanding debt lowers your score. Apply for, and open, new credit accounts only as needed. Don舗t open an account just to have a better credit mix; it probably won舗t raise your score. Pay off debt instead of moving it around. Owing the same amount, but having fewer open accounts, may lower your score. You don舗t rebuild your credit score; you rebuild your credit history.

You will still owe finance charges on your unpaid balance, and interest could be adding up on any purchases you make after the due date you skipped. To file a complaint, contact your state or local consumer protection agency (p. 116) and the Federal Trade Commission (p. 110). Out-of-Control Debt Counseling services are available to help people budget money and pay bills. Credit unions, extension offices, military family service centers, and religious organizations are among those that may offer free or low-cost credit counseling.

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