300 Creative Physics Problems with Solutions by László Holics

By László Holics

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The unstretched length of the thread is Lo = 50 em. Initially the other end of the thread (point B) is at a distance Lo from A in horizontal direction. When the rubber thread is stretched, it behaves as if it had a spring constant D = 100 N j m , but it is impossible to "compress" the thread , since then it loosens and exerts no force. At a given moment we start to pull the end B of the rubber thread horizontally , at a Constant speed Va = 1 m js to the right (see the figure), anu continuously maintain thi s uniform pull.

A cylinder of radiu s R has two disks , both of radius T = R / 3 fixed onto its two base surfaces. The sys tem is suspended on two massless chords that are wrapped around the disks. There are inked letters placed all around the cylindrical surface. With what acce lerati on shou ld the end of the cords be moved if our task IS to print the letters clearl y onto a vertical wa ll ? Neglect the mass of the disks. Problem 125. A loosely hanging thread of length l is attached to a freely rolling trolley of mass III ; the other end of it is attached to a cylindrical spring with spring constant I..

B) Fin d the enl:rgy deli vered by the heating filament. 47 300 Creative P hysics Pro blems wit h Solutio ns Problem 206. Idea l gas at pressure lOG Pa and volume 1 m 3 is enclosed by a pi ston in a cy linder. We start to move the pi ston outwards at a co nstant ve loc ity of 1 cm js. 1 m 2 . Whil e the pisto n is mov in g, we can deli ver heat to the gas thro ugh a heatin g fi lament. How should the hea tin g power chan ge as a fun cti on of time if we kee p the temperature of the gas co nstant?

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