Macromedia Dreamweaver Mx - 2004 - Using Dreamweaver by Elaine Malfas

By Elaine Malfas

2004 desktop publication.

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The toolbar also contains some common commands and options related to viewing the document and transferring it between the local and remote sites. Show Code View Show Code and Design Views No Browser/Check Errors File Management Show Design View Preview/Debug in Browser View Options Server Debug Refresh Design View Document Title The following options appear in the Document toolbar: Show Code View displays only the Code view in the Document window. Show Code and Design Views displays Code view in part of the Document window and Design view in another part.

If you are setting up a Dreamweaver site for a web application, skip this section and see Chapter 23, “Setting Up a Web Application,” on page 453. Tip: After you set up a Dreamweaver site, it’s a good idea to export the site so that you have a local backup copy. For more information, see “Importing and exporting sites” on page 96. Related topics • “About Dreamweaver sites” on page 59 • “Specifying where dynamic pages can be processed” on page 461 Setting up a local folder The local folder is your working directory for your Dreamweaver site.

Organizing your files in a site enables you to use Dreamweaver to upload your site to the web server, automatically track and maintain your links, manage files, and share files. To take full advantage of Dreamweaver features, you should define a site. A Dreamweaver site consists of as many as three parts, or folders, depending on your development environment and the type of website you are developing: The local folder is your working directory. ” This folder can be on your local machine or it can be on a network server.

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