A Parent's Guide to Standardized Tests in School: How to by Peter W. Cookson, Joshua Halberstam, Kristina Berger and

By Peter W. Cookson, Joshua Halberstam, Kristina Berger and Susan Mescavage

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Should you hire a private tutor to help your child prepare for stan- dardized tests? As we've noted repeatedly, no one test in elementary or middle school carries that much weight. Later, in high school, it might make sense to have your child get professional help in preparing for a test such as the SAT, since acceptance to a college of your choice might ride on the results of this one test. The more important and larger question is whether a tutor can help your child with his general education.

Description: The OLSAT, according to Harcourt Brace, is designed to measure ". . " National Standardized Tests The following two teststhe National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS)are national tests that are annually or periodically administered to statistically significant student samples in each state that participates in the testing program. The aim is to gain statistical information about the level of American student achievement.

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