A work of genius on ideilogical foundations of Bolshevism by S. L Titarenko

By S. L Titarenko

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The principles of snowball sampling were used. Each respondent was asked to identify others they felt should be interviewed. This helped to identify members of the policy network and those who were considered to be ‘key’ players. The network of individuals involved in prison drug issues is extremely small. For this reason, it is necessary to withhold specific details about the organisation, agency, or department of each respondent in order to ensure that information is non-attributable. A striking characteristic of those interviewed was their varied backgrounds and experience in both the drug and penal fields.

Documentary materials should be approached for what they are and what they are used to accomplish through an examination of their role in organisations, their type and form, and the cultural values attached to them. It is therefore important to attempt to get below the surface of documents by probing and analysing their construction, production and consumption. In relation to drugs policy, Spear (1995: 13) argued for a fundamental rethink and the need to progress beyond the ‘glossy government publications’ and their associated political rhetoric.

They are awaiting the results of research). Social researchers and the research they produce can also be used to deflect criticism away from government in relation to unsuccessful policies (Weiss, 1986). As Tizard (1990) argues, employing research as a tactic results in many research reports remaining unread and collecting dust on the shelves of government departments. Research can also enter the arena of policy through a process of ‘enlightenment’ or ‘indirect diffusion’ (Weiss, 1986). Within the enlightenment model, single pieces of research or even a body of related studies do not directly impact upon policy, rather it is the effect of cumulative research and information over time which sensitises policymakers to new issues and shapes the way in which problems are defined and framed.

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