Accessible XHTML and CSS Web sites problem, design, solution by Jon Duckett

Next is the third table, which is the one that creates the columns in the main part of the page.

Html written in XHTML. It is followed by a CSS style sheet used to control presentation of the page.

... css). body { background-color:#EFEFEF; padding:10px;} h1 { font-size:22pt; color:#000066;} h2 { font-size:18pt; color:#000066;} p { font-size:14pt; color:#000000;} 15 Chapter 1 While it might seem like a hassle to write a style sheet like this for one document, it can really save time if you are creating numerous pages that use the same styles; after all, you do not have to add the presentation rules to each document that uses them.

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