Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins

By Peter Jenkins

This education handbook covers all features of engaging in a actual covert surveillance as a way to assemble intelligence and facts.

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Be aware of wearing black 'bobble' hats or rolled up balaclavas, this will make you look shifty and-be the focus of attention. A change of outline is recommended by the removal of a hat or scarf, the putting on or off of a jacket, plain glass spectacles, or even putting your hands in pockets to change your overall appearance. Do not use disguises, especially wigs (even the best look obvious), an alert target will notice a change of appear- ance and again, will only help to confirm any suspicions.

Or premises. rson to keep the target house or premises under ob_ servation in order to alert the remainder of theleam when tne target departs. lt goes without saying that if we don't have a trigger ano a pici up, tn"n we wiil not have a follow. are various Ih:f" in Chapter types of trigger to consider, more detair of which is described Two on foot and moUite surveillance: 27 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE Static Trigger The trigger'platform'can be from a car, a van, building, hedgerow or any other static point from where the target's premises can be covertly observed, he could easily be out on foot if he has a reason for being there (such as in a bus shelter).

36 PLANNING & PREPARATION . Description A full up to date description of the target should be obtained. ln Chapter Three we deal with how a description is given use this as your checkrist. ls a photograph or video availabte of him? you can get a photograph or a piece of video tape then use it. Ensure that the photograph is up to date and there have been no changes (hair styles, facial hair and so on). picture, takelt wiin you ind do not pay 'lip service'to it. I have often seen investigators with photographs but they have not really looked at them or compared it with the subject.

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