Affirmative Action in China and the U.S.: A Dialogue on by Minglang Zhou, Ann Maxwell Hill

By Minglang Zhou, Ann Maxwell Hill

This quantity is the 1st to comprehensively study Chinese's affirmative motion rules within the serious region of minority schooling, an important conduit to employment and financial luck within the PRC after the commercial reforms started within the past due 1970s.

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Conclusions Our purpose in this introduction has been to identify reasons for the urgency and salience of debates in China over its positive policies in minority education in the new millennium, when positive policies have long been a mainstay of the modern Chinese state and can be found even earlier in imperial practices. Although still nominally socialist and under the authority of the CCP, Chinese society manifests the cumulative effects of more than thirty years of reforms, economic and political, that by 2008 have produced the world’s second largest economy.

Referring to Lenin’s attitude towards the problem of nationalities, the great Marxist-Leninist Stalin pointed out that “Lenin never said that national differences must disappear and that national language must merge into one common language within the borders of a single state before the victory of socialism on a world scale. On the contrary, Lenin said something that was the opposite of this, namely, that ‘national and state differences among peoples and countries . . ’ ” (Beijing Review 1974, 18) The situation of the minorities during this period—a period that continued until 1980 and transcended the death of Mao in 1976—was at least as advantageous as, and probably surpassed, that of the period immediately following the CCP’s assumption of power.

In the view of some Uygur educational professionals at Xinjiang University, continued support for classes in minority languages and cultures at the university is important even in the midst of a shifting economy and an open labor market privileging Putonghua and essentially Han business skills. Clearly, the market economy and economic globalization challenge Uygur cultural and linguistic dominance in Xinjiang at the same time as the Chinese model of 20 Ann Maxwell Hill and Minglang Zhou one nation with diversity marginalizes locally dominant minority cultures and languages nationwide.

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