Afghan Storm (Nick Woods, Book 3) by Stan R. Mitchell

By Stan R. Mitchell

The undertaking? virtually off-the-charts most unlikely.

Four males needs to infiltrate (on foot) 30+ miles into Pakistan and abduct a key VIP of the Taliban.

These males might be provided no help. No air help. No radios. No probability of rescue.

And if they’re stuck or killed, the United States will deny their life.

This is how the project in Afghanistan starts for Nick Woods and your favourite contributors of S3 (Marcus, Truck, and Red).

And regrettably for them, it merely will get worse from there...

Nick Woods and his inner most, army defense corporation (Shield, guard, and safeguard) are deployed to Afghanistan by way of directive of the U.S. executive. Their undertaking is not anything under to save lots of the govt (and state) of Afghanistan.

A clock is ticking and the Taliban is poised to grab the capital urban of Kabul, taking on the rustic for strong. The Taliban are greater than ever, and well-led by means of a magnificent religious warrior, who's revered around the state by way of most people of Afghanistan.

Making subject worse, America's political management is ailing of making an investment males and assets right into a battle that's now lasted 15 years.

Nick and his crew are despatched to by some means give you the option of facing the looming danger, and even though the undertaking is most unlikely sufficient as it’s already drawn up, they'll quickly discover that their enemies aren’t basically in Afghanistan.

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