Aging and Milieu. Environmental Perspectives on Growing Old by Graham D. Rowles

By Graham D. Rowles

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Individualisierung und Integration: Neue Konfliktlinien und neuer Integrationsmodus?

InhaltVon vielen Autoren wird Individualisierung gleichgesetzt miteinem Zerfall des Zusammenhalts moderner Gesellschaften. Die Beiträge desBandes versuchen im Gegensatz zu dieser Auffassung zu zeigen, daßIndividualisierung eher als ein neuer Modus der Integration verstanden werdenkann. Aus dem Inhalt: Einleitung Ulrich Beck/Peter Sopp: Individualisierung und Integration -eine Problemskizze Zum Konzept Individualisierung Monika Wohlrab-Sahr: Individualisierung: Differenzierungsprozeßund Zurechnungsmodus Wolfgang Engler: ¶Aushandlungsgesellschaft¶ DDR Individualisierung: Eine Bedrohung gesellschaftlicherIntegration?

Contemporary Arts as Political Practice in Singapore

This well timed assortment examines the modern arts as political perform, delivering severe perception into a few of the extra debatable conversing issues that experience formed Singapore’s id as a kingdom. concentrating on the position performed via modern arts in shaping Singapore’s political panorama because the state celebrated 50 years of independence in 2015, the authors ponder how politics is usually perceived as that which limits the flourishing of the humanities.

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Part of the trick of living is to engage in fulfilling behaviors despite such external pacing. The tensions between clock time and subjective temporal perception is in the best dialectic tradition. It is of great importance to know how objective and subjective time duration are congruent and to which factors an observed incongruence is attributable. As Hendricks and Hendricks (1976) suggest, to cast the person as the subjective "experiencer" of a time duration imposed by some arbitrary clock is to ascribe to him the role of a passive actor.

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