Air Pollution and its Effects. Air Pollution by Arthur C. Stern (Eds.)

By Arthur C. Stern (Eds.)

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7 and 8 and Table V). T h e presence of these two gases in air has been known for a good many years, although early reports often lumped them together. 79 ppm, with 40 BERNARD D. 05 p ^^Philadelphia ^St. _l.. 1.. 8 Percent of measurements equal to or less than stated concentration FIG. 7. Frequency distribution of nitrogen dioxide data (less than 5 min. averaging time) 1962-1964 (44). Baltimore, Maryland, reporting that ment has made it possible to monitor resultant fact becoming evident that, nitrogen are present in air in probably figure.

VI. Fluorine and Hydrogen Fluoride While uncombined fluorine is unlikely to be present in air because of its strong reactivity, hydrogen fluoride has been observed. It may result from specific industrial operations, or it may be a by-product of com­ bustion of coal in which fluoride is present. Very low concentrations are of interest because of their possible deleterious effect on vegetation. 018 ppm in different cities and cir­ cumstances. 08 ppm in an industrial area. 025 ppm occurred in a rural location.

It is only in the past few years that the concept of an "equilibrium size distribution" of particles in the atmosphere has evolved (3-6). This development has followed closely on the theoretical clarification of the physical properties of particles which contribute to their removal from the atmosphere (7). Another recent development is the attention being given to the sizes of particles of a given chemical species in the atmosphere (8, 9), because of either their toxicological or meteorological significance.

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