An Atlas of Drosophila Genes: Sequences and Molecular by Gustavo Maroni

By Gustavo Maroni

Drosophila, the typical fruit fly, is the main greatly studied of all organisms from the perspective of genetics and cytology. This atlas summarizes what's recognized concerning the nearly a hundred Drosophila genes for which the entire nucleotide series is understood. every one access contains a description of the gene's molecular association and expression, the full nucleotide and amino acid sequences, maps of fascinating buildings, highlights of useful gains and promoter regulatory areas, and chosen references to the first literature. A separate element of the atlas considers assorted elements of gene association as they happen within the Drosophila genome. subject matters lined comprise dimension correlations between quite a few genetic components, splicing signs, translation initiation indications, and codon bias. The paintings represents a brand new milestone in summarizing present details and making it simply obtainable to geneticists and biologists.

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