An Ecosystem Approach to Aquatic Ecology: Mirror Lake and by Gene E. Likens, F. Herbert Bormann (auth.), Gene E. Likens

By Gene E. Likens, F. Herbert Bormann (auth.), Gene E. Likens (eds.)

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The P and DOC from forest floor soil solution are rapidly adsorbed by the upper B-horizon of the mineral soil, which thereby provides a powerful regulating mechanism for stream or drainage water chemistry and watershed-ecosystem outputs. 9 mg II Geological Out put ------.. B-20. Flux of dissolved organic carbon through the forest-ecosystem. ) empty will produce relatively little flow and modest discharge rates so long as storage capacity is unsatisfied. Transpiration tends to keep hydrologic storage at a minimum during the growing season, hence streamflow during summer months is typically low even though precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year.

41 A. A-4. Location of Mirror Lake and the Hubbard Brook Valley. '. P. when sediments consisting of clay, silt and lesser amounts of sand were deposited in a shallow marine environment that was probably intracontinental. , mountain-building processes had begun that caused the sediments to be metamorphosed (Littleton Formation) and intruded by the igneous Kinsman quartz monzonite. Deformation of the rocks, principally folding, also took place at this time. ) further mountainbuilding stresses resulted in considerable fracturing and faulting, and possibly additional metamorphism of the rocks.

If our bulk precipitation collector is as poor at collecting nitrogen aerosols as it is at collecting the dry deposition of sulfur, we may be able to account for much of the discrepancy in the nitrogen budget for the watersheds (Bormann et al. 1977) by dry deposition of various nitrogenous compounds. Chemical Concentrations in Stream Water Some watersheds (W2, W4, and WlOl) in the HBEF were disturbed by experimental study after 1963. g. presence of bicarbonate in W4 (Likens et al. 1967), it was not possible to include data from these disturbed watersheds for only a part of the period for which volume-weighted averages were calculated.

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